A Love Letter to France | My Book Pre-Sale!

Imagine a cute, curly headed 10 year old Jen. I would hide away in my bedroom from time to time creating. Sometimes I’d draw. Sometimes I cut fun things from a magazine and make a collage with glitter and construction paper. Sometimes I’d choreograph my own moves to whatever I listened to back then. And sometimes I’d write. I had notebooks full of creations. Hidden from my little brother, of course. And dream of one day publishing a book.

Fast forward 22 years. My dreams of becoming a writer never really went anywhere. I do still enjoy it, but it never became a deep-seeded passion - who knows, there’s still time. But, what did become my passion: photography. More specifically, film photography.  I picked up a film camera (since everything turned digital) in 2012, and never looked back.

That dream of becoming published, though - it never went away. So I decided to do something about it. I did some soul searching. I did some research. And decided that I was going to publish my first book. Why not, right? Stop listening to that nagging voice in my head and just do it.

And I’m so beyond excited - like over the moon excited - to let you know that my first book, A Love Letter to France,  is available for pre-sale!

In this softcover, full-color notebook, you’ll find 20 of my favorite film photographs from France - some, never before seen by the public. Along with 58 lined pages for journaling.

 Save $5 when you pre-order your book before June 7! No code needed.