Another Stamp in the Passport - Mexico

This month we added another stamp to homegirl’s passport! We packed up our swimsuits, hopped on a plane, and headed to Cancun for the weekend. It’s so awesome that Southwest flies to Cancun now and they have a non-stop flight from Austin every day. Winning!

Most of our vacations are go, go, go. We want to see this and that, go here, go there. We often need a vacation after our vacation. This one was different. We didn’t have any plans - nothing. It was awesome. We stayed at the Kristal Cancun resort. It’s all inclusive, but we didn’t do the all inclusive part (since we do like to explore, we wanted to walk around and eat offsite). The resort has several beautiful pools, beach cabanas, and walk up beach access. It was perfect.

We spent the morning at the beach and afternoon at the pool. Homegirl was cool with the sand, but didn’t love the ocean so much. So we just took turns swimming in the ocean and building sand castles with her.

The only thing I would have changed would be to have an extra night. We only stayed two nights, but one more would have been perfect. Any longer, for us, would have been too long - unless we planned day trips.

Below are a handful of photos I took with my underwater film camera. 


Snap Sight | Ektar 100 | Holland Photo

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July Favorites

Here are some of my favorite things for July!



2 Year-Old Not Listening? Try This Remarkable Tip by Military Wife and Mom (this is a GAME CHANGER for toddlers. Seriously. This is a must read!)

10 Girl-Power Books We Love for Toddlers and Preschoolers by Motherly



When homegirl looked at us and said she wanted to go to the moon! Then responded "Yes!" When we followed up with, "You want to be an astronaut?" Gosh this kid. She's amazing!  



This mud mask is amazing. Seriously. Amazing. I love how smooth my skin is after using it. And honestly, who doesn't love some pampering! If you want to snag some, you can get it here


This isn't new. I've always loved Kodak Ektar 100. But I fell in love with it all over again this month! I mean come on? How gorgeous are these colors?! 

What are some of your favorites from July? 

365 PHOTOS OF 2017 | DAYS 129-151

Watching this little love grow, learn, and flourish is my greatest joy. I'm trying something new. Instead of sharing one photo from every day, I'm sharing my favorite from the month. Here are May's faves! 

For those interested, the b/w photos are Kodak TX 400 pushed to 1600 shot on Canon AT-1. The color photos are Kodak Gold 200 pushed to 800 shot on Canon EOS 3. Developed by Holland Photo Lab.

San Diego Favorites

It's no secret. San Diego is one of my favorite US cities. I grew up in Santa Barbara so the Cali-vibe is just in my blood. For a while, we went to San Diego every year for my birthday. The Arizona Diamondbacks (my baseball team) seemed to always play the San Diego Padres on my birthday weekend - so it was a nice excuse.  We've been a few times. Once with a baby. And here are a list of our favorite things to do...

Brickyard Coffee & Tea

This happened to be walking distance from our hotel one year so we checked it out. It was a cute little coffee house with a beautiful outdoor area to sit, eat, and drink your coffee. The weather is perfect in San Diego about 362 days out of the year, so you'll enjoy this area!

Ballast Point

Ok - anytime you can get Grapefruit Sculpin on draft, you do it! 'Nuf said. 

Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin

Petco Park

This ballpark is one of my favorites. It's pretty, open, and clean! And who doesn't love baseball on a summer day? 

Petco Park

Boat Cruise

We took a cruise around the North Harbor - the full is a little long for a baby or toddler. We've done the full tour and it's awesome. But with our baby (two months at the time) we did just the North Harbor and it was perfect! Such a fun way to soak in the city. 

North Harbor boat cruise

Hotel Del Coronado

If you want to feel like a balla, do it. We didn't stay there, but we drove in for the day and enjoyed the beach. With a baby, it's hard to enjoy the beach unless you have cover and a place to lay and relax. We rented the beach seats and it was worth it. We just relaxed, ordered food and drinks, and enjoyed the afternoon. Homegirl slept. Almost the entire time! 

relaxing on the beach of Hotel del Coronado

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Girls Like Dinosaurs Too

When she was 7 months old, we went to Washington D. C. and visited the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. There, we saw a real T. Rex skeleton. And the rest is history…

looking at a  T Rex in DC

Little did we know that from then on, she’d develop an obsession with dinosaurs. It’s actually a little bit of a joke now. I get tagged all over social media anytime a friend sees something dinosaur related...especially if it’s for a girl (she has SO many boy dinosaur shirts).

That’s what lead me to Bug and Bear Kids: Clothing Beyond Stereotypes. Bug and Bear Kids makes (by hand) clothing for girls that break the princesses and glitter mold (not that there is anything wrong with either of those things, but some girls like dinosaurs too!).

So Cute

Their current line includes construction trucks, outer space, building tools, and - you guessed it - DINOSAURS! And rumor has it (according to their Instagram) that science and chemistry theme is up next.  They also have really cute headbands, bows, and clips.


Homegirl was so excited to get it in the mail that we washed it immediately so she could wear it right away!

The shirt fits true to size and is durable - which is great seeing how it will easily become a staple in the wardrobe rotation. And look...the dinosaurs are wearing bows. Are you kidding!? How cute is that?!  It was the perfect shirt to wear when we visited Discover the Dinosaurs: Unleashed! last week.


If you have a daughter who loves science and building, I highly recommend you take a look at Bug and Bear Kids! Who might just foster a curiosity that leads to another female astronaut, engineer, or scientist! 

Thank you Bug and Bear Kids for making cute clothes for my kiddo that shows off her fun little personality!

PS She doesn’t know it yet, but just ordered her the Space Girl shirt since she said she wants to be an astronaut and go to the moon. I kid you not. She looked at her dadda and said, "I want to go to the moon." He asked, "You want to be an astronaut?" Her, "Yes. Be an astronaut. go to the moon." Apparently my two year old has big plans!

And the best part? Bug and Bear Kids is offering everyone 10% off with the code: STAMPSCO  

What are you going to get for your kiddos? 

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The Ultimate Photography Guide - Available for a Limited Time

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Just One Second | June

June. Somehow this month snuck up on me. June 1 was my 32nd birthday - so you'd think I would have paid attention to it. But I didn't really. It's weird. It came and went and I barely documented it. Instead, I lived it. I did not film daily in June - YIKES! Nor did I shoot daily in June - DOUBLE YIKES! But I do have a short film to show you. 

In June, I turned 32, we traveled to Arizona to visit family, and we went to Cancun for a mini vacation! On to July!!